What’s the right balance of nutrients?

That’s a good question.  People are often advised by health professionals to eat a ‘balanced diet’. Sometimes, I’ve found health professionals giving this advice are unable to explain what a balanced diet is. So what hope does the patient have of achieving it?

There’s a lot of debate in scientific circles about the best balance of nutrients. But even if you were advised to eat a diet in which 25% of your calories came from fat and 60% from carbohydrate, how on earth could you apply that advice in the supermarket and the kitchen?

The low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet that is normally recommended for losing weight and lowering cholesterol can make some features of the metabolic syndrome worse (reducing HDL-cholesterol and raising triglycerides, glucose and insulin).

In Dump Your Toxic Waist!, I introduce the MUNCH method – a simple, unique and revolutionary way to achieve the optimum balance in your diet. The book also includes a 28-day plan and by the time you’ve followed that, getting the right balance will be second nature.

If you have struggled and failed to slim your waist on a low-fat diet, you’ll probably have more success if you shift the balance so that 13% of your energy comes from mono-unsaturates, less than 5% from saturates, 45% from carbohydrate and 25% from protein (with a high proportion of that protein derived from plants).


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