Why don’t diets work?

Fad diets don’t work. You do something strange (such as existing on cabbage soup or cutting out carbohydrate) and lose a bit of weight because your restricted diet is lower in calories. But you can’t keep that up. You may be blasted back to reality by ferocious flatulence on the cabbage soup diet. Or you may simply get bored on a limited diet. One way or another, you soon return to your ‘normal’ way of eating. The lost weight is rapidly found again.

But it’s worse than that. You may have lost five pounds but gained ten! Losing weight the wrong way with an unbalanced diet can switch your metabolism into starvation mode. Now your body clings to every calorie it can find, in readiness for the next period of starvation.

The answer is to adopt a satisfying, nutritionally complete diet that retunes your metabolism. It’s impossible to guarantee a nutritionally complete diet or the right balance of nutrients by following verbal instructions or a general guide. This is where the 28-day plan comes in. And when the 28 days are up, not only will you feel a lot better for shedding all that toxic fat, you will also find it easy to keep going – following the plan as closely or loosely as you like.


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