MUNCH yourself slim

In Dump Your Toxic Waist! I introduce the MUNCH plan. This is a simple, unique and completely revolutionary way to plan your daily menus that ensures you achieve the very best balance of nutrients to dump your toxic waist.

The MUNCH plan helps you to eat the right foods in the right quantities every day. Foods are selected from the following groups:

MONO-UNSATURATES              foods rich in mono-unsaturates, low in saturates
UNREFINED CARBOHYDRATE     low–GL wholegrain foods
NITROGEN-RICH FOODS           lean, high-protein foods
CALCIUM-RICH FOODS              low-fat dairy foods and soya alternatives
HORTICULTURAL PRODUCE       vegetables and fruit

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Dump Your Toxic Waist!

Using the MUNCH method to make up your daily menu will give you an ideal balance of nutrients to reverse the metabolic syndrome.

The 28-day plan shows the MUNCH method in action.