‘The diet programme in Dump Your Toxic Waist! has really helped me, especially my health. A couple of months before I started the programme, my doctor told me my blood pressure was high. My breathing was very bad – I could hardly walk for two minutes without stopping, feeling tired and dizzy. Now I can proudly say I am all geared up for a marathon! I lost 7kg (15lbs) and 4 inches from my waist. My blood pressure has gone down to normal. Although I’ve finished the 28 days, this is now my new lifestyle.’
Florence T.

Dump Your Toxic Waist!

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Excess fat round your belly is not just dead weight – it’s a living liability

Lose fat! Gain health and energy

Dump Your Toxic Waist! Lose inches, beat diabetes and stop that heart attack!’ is the most accurate and effective guide to losing fat and gaining health. Most diet plans, whether low-carb, low-GI or low-fat, focus on one strategy and overlook all the other causes of flab and fatigue. Here, Dr Derrick Cutting, a GP with a special interest in lifestyle and nutrition, has concentrated all the scientific evidence into one powerful, practical plan to lose weight safely.

Although highly acclaimed by medical and nutritional experts, this book is an easy, light-hearted read with cartoons and summary boxes. You can read about the revolutionary discovery that abdominal fat is not merely useless flab, but actively toxic tissue, releasing ‘adipokines’ that sabotage your metabolism. Understand how this toxic fat is linked to the metabolic syndrome, leading to high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, infertility and erection problems.

Follow the 28-day plan to reverse metabolic syndrome. Enjoy 76 delicious recipes. Use the ground-breaking MUNCH method to reset your metabolism and dump your toxic waist!

Key features

Why excess abdominal fat is toxic
How adipokines sabotage your metabolism; how to
escape the fat trap
28-day plan to lose fat, gain energy and reverse the
metabolic syndrome

How to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol, while
raising good cholesterol

How to control your blood sugar and prevent diabetes
How to lose weight and keep it off with the revolutionary
MUNCH method of balancing your diet

76 delicious recipes
An action plan and checklist to help you stay on track

‘Highly recommended.’
            Michael Livingston, Director, H.E.A.R.T UK

‘What a fantastic book…Even the “non-reader” will find it hard to put this one down.’
            Denise Armstrong, Lifestyle Manager, Heart Research UK